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West End hairstyling at 9, Tadworth Parade, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 5AS. For the best hair styles, from shampoo setting, cutting and blow-drying, re-styling and colouring techniques. With foiling from fashion shades to high lift colors in Romford.

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9, Tadworth Parade, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 5AS.

Ionic Thermal Hair Straightening is also known as a Bio Ionic Retexturising system, Japanese Hair Straightening, Japanese Straightening, Ionic Retexturizing, Thermal Restructuring, Rebonding, Thermal Reconstruction, and Thermal Reconditioning.

Angela working on some straightening

Christina came from Turin (Italy) to have her hair straightened

Here she is again a year later with even longer hair

Part of the process

Ionic Hair Retexturising

This is the latest professional hair straightening system available in Great Britain. It retains water content while straightening unlike any other chemical treatment which tend to leave your hair feeling dry.

Ionic Hair Retexturising (IHR) is designed to straighten and improve the manageability of various hair types such as natural curly, frizzy hair, dehydrated, damaged and coarse hair, and hair that is lacking in vitality.

IHR is not just another hair straightening or a hair perming system (though it does have a similar smell), it is entirely different from any other products available on the market.

IHR provides the best hair straightening result without any damage to the hair and due to the unique ionising technology, the texture and condition of IHR treated hair will be miraculously improved.

The straightener

This is usually used for people who have naturally curly hair and don't

like it, or fancy a change. Sometimes it is used on people who are growing

out old perm and don't want to wait, or maybe they had a perm for the

first time and decided they didn't like it curly! Either way, quite useful

and effective. One more useful tip.....this can often help to ‘smooth’

frizzy hair too.

What is Ionising Technology?

What happens on the day?

Singer songwriter Maria, before the Japanese Ionic Hair straightener.

Half way through the straightening  process.

The finished result after a balancing colour treatment.

This form of permanent hair straightening maintains maximum hydration to give a lustrous shine!

Permanent Hair Straightening

Is your hair … Dull, dry and damaged?  Curly, wavy, or Frizzy?  Or just unmanagable?

Kerastraight Ultimate is a semi-permanent solution for eliminating hard to manage, frizzy, or dry and damaged hair.  Kerastraight use a low PH protein which is formaldehyde and aldehyde free to help rebuild the keratin within your hair.  The treatment takes between 2-3 hours in the salon, depending on length, and leaves hair in optimum condition for up to 4 months.

The benefits of Kerastraight treatment for you are:

* Easy to manage hair

* Saves styling time

* Leaves hair healthy and repaired

* hair is smoother

Check out the Kerastraight website for more information about this new treatment. www.kerastraight.co.uk